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Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2021


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views: 119 | downloads: 10


A Soft Gripping Robot System with Graphene-based Piezoelectric Sensor (GPS)

Cheng-Hsiu Chuang, Wei-Song Hung, Ching-Yuan Chang, Po Ting Lin

views: 53 | downloads: 8


A 3D Automatic Optical Inspection (3D-AOI) System for Architecture Inspection

Yu-Hsiang Chen, Po-Ru Chiu, Meng-Hung Ho, Ching-Yuan Chang, Kuang-Yen Liu, Po Ting Lin

views: 12 | downloads: 1

Continuum Robot Prototype Fabrication and Image Servo Tracking Study of a Continuum Robot Prototype

Ming-Hong Hsu, Phuc Thanh-Thien Nguyen, Dai-Dong Nguyen, Toan-Khoa Nguyen, Chung-Hsien Kuo

views: 41 | downloads: 5
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