Prajwal Prabhu Abhra Roy Chowdhury


This paper studies the feasibility of Autonomous mobile robot’s motion planning solutions for smart warehouses in the Industry 4.0 environment. Motion planning algorithms/techniques for a single autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and its shortcomings in the warehouse environment are discussed. Further, potential of multi-agent AMR’s motion planning solutions i,e. Leader follower, bio-inspired modelling and multi-robot collision avoidance solutions in enhancing the warehouse’s productivity are discussed. Using evaluation matrix, comparative performance study of motion planning algorithms based on industrial standard obstacle avoidance and detection is presented with RRT algorithm (93.3%) and behavior based multi-robot collision avoidance system (96.7%) having highest performance efficiency in single and multi-robot AMR systems respectively.

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Autonomy, Mobile robots, Motion planning, Multi agent systems, Warehouse, Smart manufacturing, Industry4.0

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