Sy Nguyen-Van Minh-Quang Tran


Cable-driven parallel robots (CDPRs) are extremely flexible parallel manipulators, which have high velocity, acceleration, and payload to weight ratio compared with traditional rigid-link parallel robots. In this paper, the steady-state and time-history analyses of a spatial CDPR are developed using the finite element method (FEM) and the modified analytical method. To validate the feasibility of these two approaches in solving the steady-state and time-history responses of the spatial CDPR, the results from the proposed methods are examined with those of SAP2000@. It shows that their solutions are well fit to the results from SAP2000 which is time-consuming. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the FEM and the modified analytical method.

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CDPRs, FEM, Analytical method, Steady-state response, Time-history response

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