Li-Wei Yang Ping-Lang Yen


Swabbing for the specimen is crucial in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, but it occupies a lot of healthcare workers with dangerous (the risk of spit infection) and dull operations. Our lab developed a remote swabbing robot to complete the task safely and efficiently. Depth information is crucial for controlling the force in the swabbing process, ensuring patients’ safety. Nevertheless, constrained by the oral cavity size, the sensors can only collect a part of the depth information. This research implements the Cyber-physical System concept on the robot to have comprehensive depth information. The system has an adaptable digital twin of the human oral cavity that can adapt according to the patient’ s oral shape, achieving precise swabbing. The precise swabbing makes the swabbing process comfortable and effective. This elementary study creates a statistically averaged model based on eight samples and contains the morphing error under 4 mm. Further study will focus on expanding the samples to minimize the error.

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