Min-Fan Ricky Lee Yen-Chun Chen


Underwater vehicles have been applied to underwater investigation and monitoring.  Due to the introduction of a variety of new technologies, underwater vehicles are used for more long-term, routine, or dangerous tasks in deeper waters. To be suitable for deep underwater environments and long-lasting applications, the design without rudder or diving planes will simplify the control methods and enhance the leakproofness of underwater vehicles by reducing the gaps to install the moving parts such as rudders and diving planes. This paper propose a novel mass shifter mechanism for the motion of a small autonomous underwater vehicle. The new UV platform is equipped with two counterweights that move on fixed tracks. The yaw and pitch angles are changed by moving the two counterweights to the planned positions which change the center of gravity of underwater vehicle.  A microcontroller is used to control the parts of this mass shifter mechanism inside the UV system.  Algorithm and mechanism of the control system are addressed and the functions of all parts are clarified. 

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Unmanned underwater vehicles, Autonomous systems, Mobile robots, Robot motion, Robot control

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